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Randirshir'n ni'hya sathur na Ansalon

Fear the Plushy Elrond!

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Born in the ancient lands of Silvenesti over three centuries ago, Keleren is an expatriate noble of that land looking for a better way in the lands of Ansalon.

[Keleren is my character in a Dragonlance d20/3rd edition RPG campaign and is currently a 7th level samurai (adapted from Rokugan for d20 as a better warrior class with better skill selection), and 16th level magus. This journal is effectively Keleren's personal journal for the campaign.

The campaign has but recently resumed after a six month hiatus. The other characters include: Tomas of Palanthus (fighter, rogue, guild thief, courtier); Gwynnion of the White Rose, Wizard of the White Robes, and Voice of Solinari (wizard/abjurer, wizard of high sorcery, inkyo, daughter of Solinari); Oskerr, the barbarian King of Ergoth (wilderness warrior, and some other prestige class of being a mystic barbarian dude); Dame Alexis Stoutheart, Knight of the Sword (Knight of the Crown, Knight of the Sword, legendary tactician); and Sir ("The Mighty") Samkin Stoutheart, Alexis's cousin, Knight of the Crown (Knight of the Crown, Eisen swordmaster). The game is run by kalshann and is set during the "War of the Lance," but without the Companions of the Lance solving everything in two years and done differently than what Weis & Hickman have written.]
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