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I thought I'd mention Keleren's rough goals in character. Cross-posted to DentonRPG mailing list.

  1. Find a solution to Silvenesti's cultural problems, which led to a profound isolationist decadence that perpetuated stasis -- the rigid caste system, the smug sense that the elves were the only "good" race on Krynn, and so forth -- and allowed corruption to take root (Chaos cults, the Nightmare, political bullshit, and so on). This was why he left Silvenesti in the first place, although his experiences in other nations have only impressed upon him the idea that everyone seems to be having similar issues, and that no one has found the solution as of yet.

  2. Marry Alhana Starbreeze because she's not Laurana the Golden General, she seems a bit cooler than what was done in canon, and, well, dude -- she's a Queen.

  3. Learn more about what actually happened to his father, who vanished 40 years or so before the game began.

  4. Stop the Dragonarmies from munching everyone. In the scope of things, this seems a much more "mundane" threat (as mundane as you can get with draconians, dark gods, and dragons).

  5. Discover what the hell Galen Dracos and his minions are up to, or at least how they're planning on doing it, and stop them. The fact that Dracos apparently influenced Istar's descent into madness so that the Kingpriest would summon a god of light to the world (to "stamp out evil") so that he could pull a Fistandantilus and eat a god and gain cosmic power implies cosmic level threat here, especially since he is still active and seems to be hoping Ariakus, the Red Dragon Highlord, will try to call Takhisis to the world instead.

  6. Discover what the hell is up with the rest of the flaming evil factions of Chaos (the one that Daniel is apparently allied with, as well as one that has so far only acted in the background against the Conclave and Gwynn's Conclave associations with the monestary and so forth -- and likely, stop them from doing something bad, especially since Daniel's faction seems to be wanting Galen Dracos to succeed long enough to then take advantage of him and get him out of the way.

  7. Destroy Superman using Samkin pumped up on a kryptonite juicer high.

  8. Establish his own relationship in Krynn between his "Chaos aspect" and his "Tobril/Law aspect," since Keleren is of the opinion he lives here and should focus more upon having a balanced and individual life. At the same time, in defining his two aspects more on his terms, he hopes this will grant him some protection against fucked up Chaos and Law crap from the various factions at work (especially if Galen Dracos also went loony with the Tobril to some degree). He doesn't want to go one way or the other (Chaos or Tobril) because that would sorta defeat the point of living here. He's also become paranoid of the Tobril/Law side of things. Also, going one way or the other means you're less your own person and more the influence of either Force upon your life.

  9. Achieve peace in our time. Keleren doesn't want to fight forever. By the same token, I don't simply want to get the point where we have nothing to do but cack high-up bad guys (because, honestly, I so apologize for Maerzan 3rd ed getting to that point).

My goals for playing the character? Have fun mostly.


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