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To Kai'Alhana tr'Caladon Silvanos, Speaker of the Stars, Resplendent Dawn of Silvenesti, concerning the Knights of Solamnia, the Dragon Isles, and the return of the Dragons of Light to the shores of Ansalon since their absence in the Time of Gwynneth and Huma,

I hope that this letter finds you well and that the campaign against the Green Dragonarmy proceeds victoriously. I have much to tell you in this missive, which I have entrusted to my cousin Kai’Sirasîr of the White Robes. We were, of course, both present when I presented the dragons that were charged with aiding Silvenesti during this dark time, and I remember the commotion this caused in the Courts fondly. However, I thought I would tell you something more of what has transpired during the time I have been absent, as well as some general observations that may suggest avenues of action for the Court and Silvenesti as a whole.

Of late, I had the occasion and honor to attend a meeting with the new High Clerist, filling the position upon the death of the venerable and revered Lord Kaith Stoutheart after his death. Lord Kaith had requested in his will that his successor discuss strategies with myself and my companions away from Silvenesti, in the hopes that perhaps we would have insight and suggestions that would be of merit to the Solamnic campaigns. Ultimately, the Solamnics have decided to attack the hobgoblin realm of Throt in the hopes of disrupting the lines of supply for the Dragonarmy forces in the region, in order to facilitate other campaigns in the south of Solamnia, rendering some aid to our cousin-kin of Kith-Kanin and the dwarves of Thorbardin. The High Clerist hopes that in doing so, Solamnia may be able to take advantage of the Dragonarmies' worsened supply situation to enable better communication with Silvenesti, while also perhaps diverting Dragonarmy forces from our own borders (and, at the same time, forcing them to rebuild their own supply structure).

During my absence, I helped repay this kindness on the part of Solamnia by participating in a raid against the ports and navies of the rogue Solamnic state of Sancrist, currently under the control of the renegade Knights of the True Order (those Knights of the Rose whose hearts were less than devout in the face of the return of the gods in Ansalon) and officers of the Blue Dragonarmy under the Blue Lady, Kitiara uth Matar, who has apparently gained the support of the treacherous Lord Soth, Knight of the Black Rose. Primarily, I intended my vessel, Kethnirin-tiral, to provide support and assistance to the larger and slower vessels used by Dame Alexis Stoutheart, which were involved in attempting to destroy the docks and enemy vessels in port. At the same time, during our assault on our second target in Sancrist, one of the smaller ports near the port of Gavan, I advanced into the city on my own in order to disrupt their archer units (baaz draconians), while also seeking our their commanders. Our losses were greater during the assault on this second city, for the enemy's forces were better prepared for assault by sea and from the air (in the form of several metallic dragons led by Dame Alexis on the back of a young silver dragon, who has chosen to call herself Swiftsilver in the Common tongue). A furious dragon battle raged in the skies above the harbor as blue dragons and good dragons fought with tooth, claw, and dragon breath. Ultimately, the raids upon Sancrist should have diminished their capacity for mounting a naval invasion of the Solamnic mainland or Ergoth (which as yet would be hard-pressed to repel Blue Dragonarmy and Sancrist forces were they to land en masse in the north).

Scores of metallic dragons have been sent to various regions of Ansalon in order to aid the war against the armies of the Dark Queen. The nations of Solamnia, Ergoth, Silvenesti, Qualinesti, and Thorbardin have all received several scores of these wyrms of light. At the same time, I can pray that the arrival of the dragons in Silvenesti, as well as the arrival of some two hundred mounted dragonlances, will help push the Green Dragonarmy out of our borders, while also helping to disrupt Dragonarmy supply lines running north of Kyrnesti on the seas. At the same time, we should be prepared for an eventual advance from the White Dragonarmy, which has been rebuilding its forces in the glacial lands in the south. From what I have been told, in addition to the strange walrus folk (the thanoi), the White Dragonarmy has also apparently discovered a race of "ice-men," who appear as normal humans and other humanoids, but who are in actuality made of ice and who break apart into fragments of ice once slain.

At the same time, the dragon childer of the fell Galen Dracos continue to pursue their agendas in Ansalon. I related the tale of how Kai'Gwynnion and I rescued the Guardians of the Dragon Isles from one of Dracos's strongholds in the Erstwilde Mountains. Another of these strongholds is located in what is a ruined Irda city far in the south, and this site is used by the one known as Cryonius, the white Dracos dragon, as her personal lair and laboratory for whatever experiments she pursues (including, I presume, research into how she might reproduce and have children of her own). My companions and I hope to investigate this facility to learn more in the months to come.

I should, however, speak of another matter of importance. The dwarves of Ansalon, several years ago, were united under a new High King with the return of the mythical Hammer of Kharas. Dame Alexis and the King of Ergoth gifted the Hammer to a dwarf of Kaolin, diminishing the power and prestige of Thorbardin as Kaolin became ascendent. The original High King has since died and his own successor, a young female dwarf, has become the first female High King (since the dwarven tongue has no title for "queen"). Since Kaolin's ascendence, resentment has grown in Thorbardin as their ancient national and racial pride has chafed under the rule of (as they perceive it) a former colony. Rumours perist that some in Thorbardin speak of breaking away from Kaolin, and Thorbardin's role in helping fight the Dragonarmies has been distracted by political strife from within (although, I will admit that part of me suspects that agents of dissention, perhaps allied with the Dark Queen's forces or even perhaps Galen Dracos's childer, help purpetuate this turmoil). While the arrival of the good dragons in Thorbardin has improved morale, I believe that the Court would be well served in the long run by establishing better ties with Thorbardin.

Thorbardin has, since the so-called War of the Lance began (although I think "Fourth Dragonwar" is more appropriate), been isolated, aside from their nominal interaction with our cousins in Qualinesti. They have been, in their minds, insulted by Solamnia and Ergoth (by granting the Hammer of Kharas to Kaolin), and I suspect that many of them are tempted to close their gates and wait out the War. Silvenesti, however, has merely been quiet -- and there is still sympathy for the tragedy of the Nightmare, as well as (I would suspect) some measure of respect for reclaiming what our people had lost for a time. Perhaps were Silvenesti to open lines of communication and friendship with Thorbardin, we might be able to assuage the ego of the dwarves, so that their resentment (in general) might diminish in time. If nothing else, my actions with the bakali helped insure a fair trade of needed foodstuffs for raw materials between the bakali and Thorbardin, and one hopes that this count for something in the eyes of the dwarven nobility. Thorbardin, with its 25,000 soldiers, would be a great loss to all of our efforts should they close their gates and merely "wait it out." If we can remind the dwarves that their traditions and strengths are still highly valued and respected, we may go a long way in establishing lasting ties of friendship with them, while helping insure their continued involvement in this struggle.

At the same time, I think it might be beneficial to work towards some meeting of the nations of Solamnia, Ergoth, Silvenesti, Qualinesti, and Kaolin-Thorbardin (as well as, perhaps, other nations that work against the Dark Queen's armies, such as Solanthus). Such a meeting would, if nothing else, help symbolically to insure a united front against the Dark Queen, and might help in coordinating long term strategies to overcome the menace before all of us. Of course, the logistics of such a meeting would be troublesome, and some secure neutral location would be appropriate. Perhaps, were it possible, having such a "grand council" occur in Thorbardin -- the traditional seat of dwarven power -- would help relations with the dwarves, while showing no favoritism to any of the other nations.

I leave you with these thoughts, glorious Speaker, in the hopes that they may be of some benefit to you and the Court. I look forward to receiving word from you, at your convenience, and I shall inform you diligently should I discover anything new in my work.

Your loyal servant, Ke'Keleren tr'Sörin Nathir, Son of Ke'Talareth and Kai'Leranan, Wizard of the White Robes, this 13th day of Solinari, in the fourth year of your reign
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