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A fair amount of game time has passed since I began this journal, so I thought I would offer a brief timeline.

361 AC (After Cataclysm) - Current year, approaching its end
358 AC - Dragons of Emerald and Healing Waters, Dreaming City
356 AC - Nightmares
344 to 346 AC - Visions of Humanity and Epiphany to The Continuance of the Journey and Its Completion; original campaign ends in 346 AC
344 AC - Keleren sets out from Silvenesti for the first time, heading first to Qualinesti and then to Solamnia
302 AC - Keleren's father vanishes without a trace
86 to 302 AC - Keleren spends a fair amount of time in Silvenesti Court
74 AC - Keleren begins fosterage and training under his granduncle, Ke'Shalarn, along with Kr'yün
54 AC - Keleren begins tutelage under his father, Ke'Talareth
34 AC - Keleren is born in Silvenesti, raised for his first 20 years by his mother, Kai'Leranan
1 AC - Cataclysm (duh)
84 PC - Keleren's mother is born
103 PC - Keleren's father passes the Test of High Sorcery
170 PC - Keleren's father is born
280 PC - Position of Kingpriest founded in Istar
1018 PC - Time of Huma; Fourth Dragonwar
1775 PC - Knights of Solamnia founded
2030 PC - Qualinesti founded
2100 PC - Qualinesti secedes from Silvenesti
2515 PC - Silvanos dies


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