Jan. 19th, 2004

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We assembled in Kyrnesti after several weeks apart pursuing our own agendas. Oskerr had apparently stayed in the forests of Kyrnesti for quite some time, mumbling about "familiar feelings," while pursuing the White Stag and the Forestmaster into the unknown heart of the land blessed by Branchala for the elves. From what I understand, he and Gwynnion set out together, upon what one might think of as a "ceremonial" hunt, although once he found the Forestmaster he did nothing other than, as they say in Palanthus's seedier districts, "hang out."
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When I left Silvenesti some 17 years ago originally, I did so in the hopes of finding a new path for my people -- a solution to the problems of decadence and stagnancy that left us vulnerable, in the end, to Cyan Bloodbane, Sorrow's Thorn, Ke'Lorath, and all of our other sundry problems in Silvenesti. However, I have found nothing in the realms beyond to help me in this regard.
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I journeyed to the border of Nightlund, the domain of the death knight Lord Soth. Soth's tale is well known by most in Ansalon, but I figure it bears repeating here.
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Some time ago, I said that I would try to explain, at least from my perspective, what I meant in regards to Alexis, the Dark Heart, and her "third half." This will likely be confusing, but hopefully context and a delineation of what is known will help in understanding it.
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