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Decided to see how differently I'd answer the questions this time around.

1. What are your character’s name, race, age, and gender?

Ke'Keleren tr'Sörin Nathir, or Lord Keleren, of the House of Sörin, of the family Nathir. I am a Silvenesti male of 360 years.
2. Who is your character’s father? What is he like? Is he still alive? Where does he live? What does he do? What’s your relationship with your father like?

I am the son of Ke'Talareth tr'Sörin Nathir, a sorcerer of great ability and power, who took his Test of High Sorcery before the Cataclysm. Like many of the Silvenesti, Talareth eschewed Conclave politics as "too human," and decided to use his political influence among the elven wizards of Silvenesti. He often parleyed and dealt with the tr'Ashartin N'rin (Crystalthorn) family, which is also prominent in terms of wizardry in Silvenesti.

Talareth "disappeared" roughly 40 years ago without word to anyone. The last anyone saw him he was in his personal casting chambers. Most of his personal possessions were left behind, and there was no sign of magical mishap or attack.  I have since learned that my father escaped the forces of Chaos by journeying to the mythical Court of Light--a realm of the Tobril.  I found evidence of his passage *after* his disappearance while trying to find the monument to the Silver Dragon.

Growing up in Silvenesti, my mother raised me for the first 20 years of my life, training me in the ways of the courtier, general education, and all of the lessons we expect mothers to teach their sons so that they would grow into responsible and caring adults. At the age of 20, father took me under his wing and taught me some magicks. However, while I showed an aptitude for the arcane arts--and retain the knowledge he granted me--I had no desire to simply become a wizard. I tried to impress him with ideas of applying arcane sorceries to the art of the sword, although, while interested, he eventually turned me over to his grand-uncle, Ke'Shalarn tr'Sörin Rethan, who was both a warrior and mystic.

Otherwise, my relationship with my father was formal and generally brief. He was thoroughly Silvenesti, classically Silvenesti, and usually expressed pride at his son's accomplishments, but always seemed a bit more distant and disappointed that I did not follow in his footsteps.

3. Who is your character’s mother? What is she like? Is she still alive? What’s your relationship with your mother like?

Kai'Leranan tr'Sörin Nahurin naha Nathir, originally of the tr'Rathel House. She was a lovely woman with ebony black hair and a lovely singing voice. She was a noble bard, so to speak, and taught me my first lessons in life. Since my father's disappearance, she has withdrawn more and more from the world at large -- even for one of the Silvenesti. While I love and care for her, she has been trapped in her own world for over 60 years now.
4. Who are your siblings? Describe at least two of them (if you have two or more). What’s your relationship like with them?

I was an only child.
5. Where are you from? A city or the country? Describe where you grew up, the people, what your character remembers fondly and not so fondly?

Silvenesti. I was born on family estates outside of Silvanost, and accordingly more in the country than in the city. Being in a noble's household, I was surrounded by nobility -- and servants of lower castes. I remember my parents generally fondly, and the time spent alone in the woods. Otherwise, the most unsettling memories were of the treatment of those of lower castes, as well as the occasional outsider who arrived either by invitation -- or very rarely, who stumbled into the woods and was dealt with...harshly.

6. Who was your best friend growing up?

Growing up, I had a relatively lonely childhood. There were few children in and around the estate, so most of the adults took notice and granted me more attention that I cared for at the time. Growing up, then, my best friends would have been my mother and my grand-uncle.
7. Who was your mentor? Who taught you your class skills and tutored you in the ways of your class? Are they still alive? Where do they live? What’s your current relationship with them?

My grand-uncle, father, and mother. My grand-uncle is still alive, living closer to Silvanost (although often visiting my mother in her self-imposed exile). I haven't seen him in some 10 years, however.
8. Why are you away from home? What has led you to go out into the world?

After my father's disappearance, I began to assume more of the household duties and so forth -- although, many of these were left to cousins and other relatives, as well. However, as I began to examine Silvenesti society more closely, I began noticing a creeping sickness -- a spiritual and moral rot -- which had been working its way through the heart of the woods for millennia. The Silvenesti, supposedly Paladine's chosen, the First to Awaken on Krynn, had seemed to long ago lose most of their lustre. Now Silvenesti was a den for decadent nobles, idle pursuits and pleasures, political intrigue against itself, and cultural oppression. There is no spark in Silvenesti's people, generally speaking, and it would take very little to bring everything crashing down.

So, growing more and more dissatisfied, as well as feeling a growing sense of frustrated, restless wanderlust (and desirious to learn what had befallen my father, at least in the hopes of returning my mother from the self-imposed recursive dreamworld she now dwelled within), I abandoned Silvenesti for the world at large. I had studied history and the tales of Ansalon extensively in my youth, and was curious to see how the reality stacked up against ancient tomes. Also, I essentially became a randir, a wanderer, a pilgrim, an expatriate noble of my land, until I could find a way to heal the sickness -- or, should that fail, cut away the cancer and deadwood.

Today, I spend quite a bit of my time back in the reclaimed Silvenesti, having driven Cyan Bloodbane out of the capital.  I have been trying to support progressive (or at least moderate) elements in the royal court of Alhana Starbreeze, the new Speaker of the Stars.  I have also tried to be as much of a supporter of Alhana's rule in the face of powerful court interests.

9. What are your character’s passions? What do you love and what do you hate?

Expression, perfection, seeking, and enlightened arrogance are my passions. The power of an oath, the need of a quest, the dramatic necessity of the moment. These drive me. What do I love? What do I hate? I hate fools, I hate spiralling decadence.
10. Describe the ideal love interest for your character. Do you have a love (lost or not)?

Toturi Tsudao? I'm not sure. Most likely she would be an elf, although a wholly unique and dynamic elven woman of great beauty, majesty of spirit, and a primal force of nature in her own right. Perhaps she might be human, but I prefer to flirt and play the cavalier's (i.e., Cavalier poet) role -- I shouldn't commit my heart and soul to something...that will be gone when I look away...
Currently, I would like to pursue a full blown romantic relationship with my lady liege, Alhana Starbreeze.  However, the implausibility of this happening politically and socially is high, so I have maintained a more platonic stance with her.
11. What would you die for?

Honor, beauty, virtue, wisdom, knowledge, security, truth, freedom, purification.
12. What would you kill for?

See above.  Plus, revenge, purification.
13. What interests does your character have?

Sorcery, military and martial affairs, arts, words, literature, horses.
14. What is your character’s religion? Are you mystically inclined? Have you ever had a religious experience before?

Pseudo-animistic with acknowledgement of the existence of really big Kami/Gods in the universe. Not too mystically inclined, at least not in the divine sense. Believes more in the harnessing of the will of the self and one's own forged destiny than in submitting to divine superbeings from Organia.

Nominally, I follow the gods of light, specifically Solinari and Paladine.  I have journeyed with the Voice of Solinari in the past.

15. What do you believe in?

See above.
16. Is the humanity/sentience inherently corrupt?

That's what I'm trying to find out.  Still not sure.
17. What do you want to believe in?

Meaning and significance can be achieved in one's life.  That evil is not always far more powerful than good, as it often seems.
18. Does your character have a code of honor—even if it’s your own? What is it?

Be wary in giving oaths, because oaths have power. One should be loath to break any vow or oath, but sometimes greater things are demanded -- but there is almost always a price to be paid for this.

Protect those who need it (who aren't flaming evil). Honor the rules of hospitality.

19. What would your character never do?

I would not give myself willingly to Chaos.  I would not willingly betray the Conclave or Alhana.
20. What does your character want to do?

Find my father--perhaps communicate with him again.  Find a way to implement a better way of life for Silvenesti.  Have a whirlwind and passionate romance.  Continue forging my own destiny.
21. What are your character’s guilty pleasures?

Isolation.  Petrarchan discourse.  Taking a break.
22. What are your dreams (i.e., while you’re asleep) like? Do you have nightmares?

Typically, I dream about the past, I suppose.  Silvenesti pre-Nightmare and post.  My Test of High Sorcery.  Dragons.  The Tobril.  Arcane magic.  Chaos.  If I have nightmares, they'd probably echo the various travails I've had during my adventuring career.
23. Did your character have any traumatic experiences as a child?

Not really.  Nothing worth noting here.
24. What does the world need?

For people to stop being dicks to each other.
25. Are you an idealist, a cynic, a pragmatist, or a “realist”?

Pragmatic idealist.
26. How would your character pursue romance?

Wooing, poetry, archaic wooing poems designed to force the target figure out what the hell is being said. Powerful presence and the calculated advantage of being an elven prince.
27. Are you superstitious?

I'm a Wizard of High Sorcery and an elven warrior.  No, I'm not superstitious because half of it is true.
28. Have you ever met someone of another race (i.e., elf, dwarf, halfling, and so forth)? What was your impression of that race?

Dwarves: Not many experiences aside from a few diplomatic missions to Thorbardin and occasionally meeting the dwarven mastersmith Thorn.  Many dwarves are too slow to react to change, to adapt, and they cling too strongly to disadvantageous order.
Humans:  Solamnics--honorable lot, fairly pragmatic.  Ergothics--too unwilling to progress beyond raiding and barbarism to be very useful outside of their homeland.  For others, it varies by the person, I guess.
Kender: They're alright.  Haven't run into too many.
Gnomes:  Do these even still exist?
Ogres:  Malign spawn of their goddess who've changed forms over the millennia to match their hearts.
Bakali:  Seem alright--quite distinctive psychology and society from what I've seen.
Minotaurs:  Haven't seen many, but the general impression is negative (disciplined ogres with bull heads).
Qualinesti:  Somewhat more open-minded cousins of the Silvenesti, though not as enlightened as they like to think themselves.  Have just as many problems as the Silvenesti, but the social structure they've adopted is more flexible.
Kagonesti:  Maligned and mistreated by the Qualinesti and Silvenesti.  Deserve to make up their own minds about things and to have their freedom.

29. What’s your social status? Or, what’s your family’s social status?


30. What was the worst thing you ever did?

Lost my temper and allowed myself to feel rash hatred for Alexis, Sam, and Tomas.  Swore a bloodoath against Sam and Tomas.
31. What did you do that made you feel the guiltiest?

Not sure.  Wait.  Let Cyan get away with the green dragonorb.
32. Do you have any dark secrets or skeletons in the closet? What are they?

In love with the Speaker of the Stars.  Have considered taking arms against Silvenesti's internal enemies.  Has learned several Tobril weave spells (very gray area for the Conclave).
33. Have you ever been in a fight before? Have you ever been hurt before?

Many times.
34. If you are religious, what’s your opinion of other religions aside from your own?

While I understand the need for balance as a necessary part of the Tobril, I also recognize that I am not beholden to personally enforcing said balance in my personal life.  As a child of the gods of light, I have aligned myself with them and their interests.  The Dark Queen and her allies are my enemies.  The lords of gray fulfill a necessary mechanistic role in maintaining the world.
35. Do faeries and demons really exist?

Well, DUH
36. What are you afraid of? What fills you with dread?

Being helpless, or feeling helpless. Being incapable of responding to the situation at hand appropriately.  Failing.
37. What makes you angry? What would make you lose your head?

ANGRY:  Being insulted (or my people, my friends, and so forth).  Being accused of idiocy, cowardice, or dishonor (at least when I don't think it true).  Being played.  Seeing a bad guy be a complete and utter dick and sociopath.

LOSE HEAD:  Extreme or special cases of the above?

38. What’s more important? The rule of law or unmitigated compassion and love?


39. What inspires greed in your character?

These days, knowledge mostly.
40. What inspires generosity and compassion in your character?

Honesty. Recipricated generosity and compassion. Those who cannot help themselves or protect themselves.
41. What do you think about the government?

Silvenesti needs a House cleaning.  The social stratification that has been perpetuated for millennia needs to be ended and the Silvenesti society made more just.  I do not advocate the republican government adopted in Solanthus, since people in general are stupid, lazy, and greedy.  A benign, correcting (and corrected) oligarchy seems best, in general.  Silvenesti needs to remain a part of the larger world and not make the mistake of isolating itself (literally or diplomatically).
42. What about foreigners? Neighboring cultures and nations?

Ergoth needs to get over itself and get a clue about how to fight a war and how to treat its allies.  Solamnia has been carrying the brunt of the wars, and I have no real problem with Solamnia.  Solanthus has proven itself a divisive thorn in the war effort, but fixing the problem while the Dragonarmies are still out there would likely be too disruptive in the mid-term.  Qualinesti needs to keep out the Chaos influence and continue coordinating with other.
43. What’s a barbarian in your character’s eyes?

The uncreative, or those whose creativity is only focused upon violence or demeaning others.  Chaos counts here.
44. Who would your character consider enlightened or wise?

Those who work through life's pains and problems and from them create something better -- those who transform their own suffering into something greater, whether it be art, wisdom, or understanding.
45. Define “hero.”

Anyone who fights against adversity, taking on personal dangers to overcome their own inertia, or to aid others for a noble cause.
46. Do you think of yourself as heroic? Do you want to be?

Yes. And Yes.
47. What do you want to do with your life? Or are you wandering, searching for a cause or path to follow?

I want to find a way to recreate Silvenesti so that it is properly a land of virtuous people, capable of defending itself and understanding the world around it, that can communicate with the outside world and take an active role in its own international welfare. I want to get the cute elf chick (Toturi Tsudao with pointy ears, mmmmmm --- mmmm...Alhana), and at the end of it all sit back with my compatriots and raise a drink high.  I want to stop the bad guys from doing their thing, whether this is Zeloth, Ariakan, Galen Dracos, Cyan and his siblings, the Dragonarmies, Takhisis, Fistandantilus, or the Great Gnome Emperor.
48. What would exile from your homeland mean to you?

True exile?  I don't know.  I suppose I'd concentrate on helping Qualinesti and Solamnia.  Otherwise, I think I'd be rather angry and bitter, and I'd step up plans for House cleaning.
49. Wizards, sorcerers, sahir…what’s your opinion of mages and arcane spellcraft? Have you ever met any?

Arcane sorcery is a means towards becoming something greater than what you were, that involves a greater understanding of the universe around you. Additionally, arcane sorcery is a personal means of pursuing this end, as opposed to divine spellcasters, who are devoted more to an individual deity. However, arcane spellcasters have the roughest time of it, because they are tempted by power every step of the way. But sometimes, power needs to be used.
50. Order the following according to the preferences of your character, including perceived importance, pleasure, and so forth: poetry, history, sculpture, architecture, craftsmanship, paintings, music, songs, oratory, drama (i.e., plays), philosophy, and dance.

NOW:  Poetry, drama, philosophy, history, music, oratory, songs, paintings, architecture, sculpture, dance, craftsmanship.

THEN:  Poetry, history, drama, music, oratory, songs, philosophy, dance, craftsmanship, architecture, paintings.

51. Where is your character’s soul going after he or she dies? What do you believe your afterlife will be like?

I will stop existing here and continue to exist elsewhere. Hell, I exist in many elsewheres already. This is one of the tricks of existence, eh?
52. What’s your character’s opinion of slavery or indenturement?

Only the foolish, the decadent, or the lazy need it. Otherwise, it is a waste of resources and the spirit of those enslaved. And it is always dangerous to both the slaves and the slaving society.
53. How mercenary is your character? What would buy your character’s loyalty or service?

At the moment, I am fairly mercenary. My quest is fairly wide-ranging and long-term, and in the interim funds and resources are required to continue wandering through the world(s?). My service can be bought through steel. My loyalty requires something other than that.

These days, I'm not terribly mercenary.  I don't need massive amounts of money for my own personal use.  I don't really need a lot of magical trinkets these days either.  Right now, I have plenty of causes to pursue.  Causes will earn my service.  Loyalty requires honesty, respect, and trust.

54. Who would you follow? Who would your character consider a good leader?

A leader should be unafraid to speak, to cajole, to manipulate, to help, to assist, to understand, to be a rotten bastard, and to be a good and true friend. Leaders must act and persuade -- most often persuading their own group. Leaders should also be well informed, and should listen to the advice of his advisors, especially when they are more talented or knowledgable of certain specialized interests. Leaders should also be competent and confident and self-confident.

I will follow Alhana, though I must admit that I consider myself more experienced in the field (and in other areas).  I will follow Justarius (who the hell's the current Master of the White?) if he requests it.  I would follow my father--if I was sure it was really him.  I will work with others, though.

55. Is your character passive, reactive, or proactive?

Generally proactive.
56. 10-foot pole?

Poke the dragon in the eye.
57. Does your character prefer the city or the country?

Honestly, enjoys the country, but understands the allure and necessity of cities.
58. What does your character look like? Distinguishing marks? Personality quirks and traits?

Long black hair, somewhat olive complexion to his skin. Fine and distinguished looking bone structure, high cheek bones, pointed ears (although not Lodoss elf-ears), wearing embossed black mithril scale mail of Silvenesti make, wielding an ornate bastard sword. Often seen riding a striking destrier, large warhorse, that is wearing similar burnished black scale mail. Otherwise, 14 CHA.
59. Which season does your character prefer the most?

Every season affects its own mood within me and from itself.
60. What do you want to do with your character?

mmm....Toturi Tsudao with pointy ears...mmmmmm, er, Alhana Starbreeze

I want to play, duh.  :)


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