Act II

Feb. 10th, 2004 03:00 am
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Continuation of the transcript of the meeting of the Conclave Council, recorded by Seaton Begg, 2nd Order of the Red Robes, Council Archivist:

Present for the meeting: as above, excepting Zoe Advanti, Raistlin Majere, Deandra, Kalshann, Ethan, and Ladonna

JUSTARIUS: Very well, Masters. Let us continue. I have been informed by Master Andrew that the Black Robes have visited punishment upon Ladonna, and the matter is concluded for the meantime. Master Lanthinel, please begin.
LANTHINEL: Thank you, Master Justarius. As most of you are no doubt aware, a new constellation has appeared in the sky, emblematic of the sigil of Galen Dracos, the renegade wizard who led the forces of the Dragonarmies in the last Dragon War. At the same time, there have been reports of various portals and planar phenomena across Ansalon, beginning with the appearance of this portal in the celestial heavens. I report to you now what is known of these occurrences.

Some three weeks ago, an abandoned research facility of Galen Dracos' on the Ice Wall Glacier had been discovered in the nigh forgotten irda city of Kakartha. An expedition was mounted by the Voice of Solinari, Master Gwynnion, in association with the White Robe wizard Keleren Nathir...
JUSTARIUS: 4th Order of the White Robes, I believe?
LANTHINEL: As far as I know from speaking with Gwynnion.
MAGNUM: And Tested by Par-Salain. The name Nathir seems familiar.
LANTHINEL: His father was the elven conjurer Talareth, 1st Order of the White Robes. He rarely ventured to Wayreth after his Test and spent most of his time in Silvenesti. His cousin Lil'Athrial was recovered from Chaos domination after being captured by Keleren and Gwynnion, and took her Test and is currently of the 1st Order of the White Robes.
JUSTARIUS: Keleren has demonstrated a remarkable knack for dealing with those bearing the marks and taint of Chaos. He succeeded in piercing something of the enigma of the renegade Chaos mage known as "Sorrow's Thorn," and his research in that regard has yielded significant information in regards to the problems Silvenesti has suffered, as well as the activities of Chaos in this world.
MAGNUM: Hmmph.
LANTHINEL: The expedition also included: Tomas of Palanthus, a merchant rogue; Oskur, King of Ergoth; Dame Alexis Stoutheart, Knight of the Sword; Sir Samkin Stoutheart, Knight of the Crown and cousin to Dame Alexis; Sir Adam Crownguard, brother of Master Alysa, and Knight of the Rose; and two silver dragons known as Glorius and Swiftsilver. The city of Kakartha was under the authority of the ogress Alecast, a priestess of Morgion, who had apparently disturbed a long dormant experiment of Galen Dracos.
ANDREW: What sort of experiment?
LANTHINEL: As far as can be known, Galen Dracos had summoned the aspect of the Tobril associated with passage -- time, space, travel, and so forth -- and had bound it to a physical shell inside an extradimensional prison. The Tobril essence, itself sentient to some degree, went mad and after being disturbed by Alecast's exploration of the complex, it began to wear down the wards that had held it in place for centuries.

The renegade Galen Dracos had also apparently bound some aspect of Fistandantilus to the Tobril essence as a means of providing a motive and guiding will. Gwynnion's research suggested that Dracos intended to replicate the Tobril spirit in a way that would place it entirely under his control, allowing his forces to move about Krynn at their leisure instantaneously. However, the experiment was incomplete, and presumably Dracos was defeated and slain before any further work could be done.
IOS: It seems rather coincidental that Fistandantilus was involved. Did they encounter the renegade?
LANTHINEL: Ai-yae. They formulated a plan by which the corrupted essence would be contained, destroyed, and allowed to return harmlessly to the greater universe. However, several things seem to have gone awry. Fistandantilus was capable of using some of the powers of the Tobril spirit, and he transposed the Samkin from our reality with one from another. Although the physical shell had been destroyed, the essence had transferred itself to Samkin at some point, when the pocket realm had begun to collapse.
EOLASK: What are you saying?
LANTHINEL: What I am saying is that for a time, at least, the concept of passage was embodied within a Solamnic Knight not from our reality.
ALASDAIR: Solinari protect us...
LANTHINEL: During the confusion that happened next, Crownguard, the King of Ergoth, and the dragon Glorius fell through into another world for a short time, the Samkin of this reality was still missing, and through happenstance, Gwynnion and Dame Alexis plane shifted away, believing they were taking the now transformed Samkin and Keleren with them. According to Keleren's account...
ANDREW: Where is he presently? I would like to question him on this.
LANTHINEL: I'm getting to that part. According to his account, this other Samkin was apparently wrestling with whatever power had welled up inside of him, and somehow he tried to bring together the right people in the right places. He succeeded in returning Keleren, Crownguard, the King of Ergoth, the two dragons, and this reality's Samkin to our Krynn, in the vicinity of Balifor.
LANTHINEL: Aye, ladies. Balifor. As it was, that Samkin had failed to return to this world Gwynnion and Alexis. Instead, what appeared was another version of the two ladies. The "Gwynnion" that appeared was male and named Daniel Devir, claiming to be my brother from another aspect of Krynn. Alexis was still named Alexis, although in her world she was the highest surviving Knight of Solamnia and the Queen of Sancrist.

They arrived at the Tower of Goodlund two days later by dragonflight, whereupon they -- although primarily Keleren, for he had witnessed the most where this god-Samkin had been involved -- related what had occurred.
ALYSA: What of the constellation?
LANTHINEL: My best theory is that the transformed aspect of the Tobril, via the other reality's Samkin, escaped back into the Tobril proper. However, I suspect that the "mark" of Galen Dracos had been left upon the spirit, so long bound to him and his experiments. When it returned to the Tobril, this was echoed with the appearance of Dracos' stamp in the heavens.
COLKYR: Dracos in the heavens! What does this portend?
LANTHINEL: That supposedly long-dead renegades have quite a long reach, even in death. And that his influence did not die with him. His five dragons have been active in the world, and we can only guess what role they have in these events.
JUSTARIUS: Continue, please.
LANTHINEL: Concerned by the missing Voice of Solinari, Keleren and his companions mounted an expedition to seek her out and rescue her. I discerned that she was somewhere on a nearby world known as Sanctuary, and provided them the means to get there so that she can be found and recovered.
ALYSA: May Solinari guide their search.
LANTHINEL: (nods) However, we also began noting the planar phenomena I mentioned earlier. It seems that in the Tobril spirit of passage returning to the heavens, ancient travel magicks were reawakend after having been dormant for so long -- ancient weave magicks, as well as sympathetic effects.
ANDREW: What became of Fistandantilus?
LANTHINEL: According to Keleren, he was trapped within the stone that the Tobril spirit had been bound to when it was destroyed.
ANDREW: The same spirit that transferred itself to this Solamnic.
LANTHINEL: This is true, yes. One of three things likely occurred. First, Fistandantilus's spirit was destroyed with the destruction of the stone prison. Second, his spirit escaped into the ether, disincarnate. Third, the spirit of Fistandantilus escaped destruction and dissolution by entering into that other Samkin.
THE CHOIR: What is this Solamnic like?
JUSTARIUS: Samkin -- well, the Samkin of this reality -- has often been a visitor to Wayreth. He would often venture into the nearby environs of the grove and practice dragon-fighting techniques with his great sword.
EOLASK: Ahh, that Samkin. Yes, he is known to some of us.
LANTHINEL: If the other Samkin is prey to the spirit of Fistandantilus, then I fear the Solamnic Knight's will may not be up to the task of resisting the renegade's centuries-old will. Additionally, the renegade would be in possession of a body in the robust prime of health for a Knight of the Crown...
ANDREW: With the powers of travel and passage, as unto a god.
LANTHINEL: ...Yes. However, old Fisty will likely be cautious for the time being. If he has achieved power over passage via the Tobril, then he is bound to some degree by the Tobril, as well as being much more immediately within the domain and notice of the gods. If he moves too rashly, then he will draw their unwanted attention rather quickly, and they will have every right to deal with him on their terms.
ALYSA: Or so you hope.
LANTHINEL: At the moment, I can do little else in regards to Fistandantilus.
JUSTARIUS: It is also possible that Fistandantilus is to some degree responsible for these planar phenomena.
LANTHINEL: At the same time, long dormant magic is awakening and making itself known. Magic affecting not only our world, but other worlds known to us: Forcelia, Sanctuary, and Gaia. I have consulted with Master Alysa, and she has noted that the Moons appear to be trying to mitigate the worst of this resurgence, bending the magic to conform more to the magicks of the Conclave rather than the ancient weave magic it originally was.
ANDREW: This is why the Moons have been more potent and overt of late.
MAGNUM: Can we stop Fistandantilus?
LANTHINEL: At the moment, the most feasible method would be something similar to what Galen Dracos did to summon and bind the essence of passage originally -- but that might be as chaotic in result as what is happening currently.
JUSTARIUS: And what of Galen Dracos?
LANTHINEL: Considering the activities of his dragons, as well as the likely reappearance of his apprentice Sylvyana, they are either working towards returning him to Krynn in some manner, or they seek to further his original aims -- aims that included devouring the Dark Queen in order to become a god it might as well be six of one, half a dozen of another.
MAGNUM: All these damnable renegades, centuries lost!
LANTHINEL: Yes, I'm sure we'll be hearing from Magius any day now.
MAGNUM: Hmmph.
LANTHINEL: Nevertheless, the Conclave must be conscious and cautious about these portal phenomena. It would be disadvantageous were some force from another world to enter ours with the intent of causing mischief -- especially magical mischief. Although one presumes that the sides in the current War would try to gain allies depending on the temperments of the invaders, or maybe even unite against a common foe. However, I suspect we will not witness any such unification of causes here on Ansalon away from the Conclave.

However, we should also try to be aware of any mischief from Fistandantilus, and we should try to determine more of what Galen Dracos' surviving minions are up to, lest they resurrect the direst foe of our Order ever. Otherwise, Masters, I have provided you with a summary treatise on the current dimensional problems and their nature.
JUSTARIUS: Thank you, Master Lanthinel. Is there any other business?
THE CHORUS: I am curious of Dame Alexis's fate, Master Lanthinel. You have sent an expedition to rescue your sister, but what of the unfortunate Knight of Solamnia?
LANTHINEL: I am in the process of locating her myself, as well as this reality's King of Ergoth.
COLKYR: The King of Ergoth!?
LANTHINEL: The one that god-Samkin returned hails from a world in which the Cataclysm came one day earlier, with no other discernible differences. While I am tempted to let that be good enough, I feel I should try to find the...legitimate sovereign of Ergoth.
JUSTARIUS: Your compassion is noted by the Council, Master of Goodlund. Is there anything else? Very well, I adjourn this council. Good afternoon, Masters.


Date: 2004-02-10 09:23 am (UTC)
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Alyssa and other priests will confirm later that the tobil-meme-keeper is indeed returned to the heavens, but that there is no sign of Sam/Fisty corrupting it- only the centuries of maddness and imprisonment are creating the current dimensional problems.

if nothing else Fisty has been divorced from the Tobril essence and that alteast is a good thing- though divinations will reveal he is not destroyed.

The priesthoods will predict that within one month the constellation should fade from the sky- as the tainted portion of the tobril is 'cleansed' and rewriten; however the portal and travel freakyness will not fade for some time- and the more that is used the longer that imprint will remain in the world.


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