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Transcript of the meeting of the Council of Masters of the Orders of High Sorcery at the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth, 5th day of the 4th month of the 362nd year since the Cataclysm, recorded by Seaton Begg, 2nd Order of the Red Robes, Council Archivist, appointed by Justarius, Master of the Conclave, in the 358th year after the Cataclysm.

Present for the meeting, occuring two hours after noon: Justarius, Master of the Conclave, Master of the Tower of Wayreth, and Master of the Red Robes; Ladonna, Master of the Black Robes; Alasdair Kain, Master of the White Robes; Lanthinel Devir, Master of the Tower of Goodlund; Dunbar Mastersmate, Master of the Tower of Daltigoth; Raistlin Majere, Master of the Tower of Palanthus; Ethan, Master of the Guardians of the White Robes; Zoe Advanti, Master of the Guardians of the Black Robes; Kalshann, Master of the Guardians of the Red Robes; Deandra, 1st Order of the Red Robes; Servorius, Master of the Citadel; Andrew, Voice of Nuitari, 1st Order of the Black Robes; Alysa Crownguard, Eye of Solinari, 1st Order of the White Robes; Victoria, 1st Order of the White Robes; Colkyr, 1st Order of the White Robes; Magnum Ironhawk, 1st Order of the White Robes; Eolask, 1st Order of the Black Robes; Monath, 1st Order of the Black Robes; Kysin, 1st Order of the Black Robes; Yulia, 1st Order of the Black Robes; Ios, 1st Order of the Red Robes; Seaton Begg, Council Archivist, 2nd Order of the Red Robes

JUSTARIUS: Let us get underway, Masters. Begg, what matters concern the Council this day?
BEGG: Master Raistlin wishes to address the Council, and Master Lanthinel has prepared a report concerning recent transdimensional occurences in the world, Master.
JUSTARIUS: Who wishes to begin then? Master Lanthinel? Master Raistlin?
LANTHINEL: I choose to defer for the moment to the Master of Past and Present. His news is of special interest, while mine is of a much more theoretical and academic nature.
LADONNA: (laughs derisively)
JUSTARIUS: Master Raistlin, if you would like to begin then?
RAISTLIN: I have concluded my investigation into Par-Salain's murder.
VARIOUS: (various mutters, whispers, and expectant sounds)
JUSTARIUS: Very well. Tell us what you have discovered.
RAISTLIN: (produces several scrolls, laying them upon the Council table) Par-Salain, former Master of the Conclave and White Robes, who gave me my Test, as well as the Tests of many present at this...august council, was murdered by a shade of Fistandantilus with the aid of Ladonna.
VARIOUS: (excited shouting and sounds of surprise)
LADONNA: You lie!
RAISTLIN: I can assure you that I have no reason to lie, and that I have confirmed the evidence with the Guardians and Master Colkyr of the White Robes. With the Council's indulgence, I shall present the evidence.
ANDREW: Yes, let us see this evidence.
LANTHINEL: (sounds of laughter)
LADONNA: I warn you, Majere, I care not what the Shoikan Grove entitles you to in your tower, but I am the Master of the Black Robes! I will not tolerate such impertinence!
ALYSA: Let the evidence be presented and judged.
VICTORIA: May I remind the Master of the Black Robes that the Towers are sacrosanct. We are all brothers here, and no mischief may befall one of our order within the Towers, lest the wrath of the entire Conclave fall upon them.
LADONNA: Do not lecture me, you petulant, spoiled child!
JUSTARIUS: Enough! Silence! Master Raistlin, present your evidence.
RAISTLIN: I can assure the Council that I have verified the evidence, and that your fellows have also verified the evidence. We know that Master Par-Salain was found dead in his chambers in this tower some thirteen years ago, and that he had been slain via magical means. Initial divinations yielded no information that was useful, but whomever killed the Master of the Conclave would have to be a powerful sorcerer in the first place, and capable of dodging the typical divinations that would have been used.

I therefore began forming a list of likely suspects. Several individuals have had interesting relationships with the deceased Master. It is common Conclave knowledge, tittered about amongst the apprentices, that Par-Salain and Ladonna enjoyed...carnal their youths...
LADONNA: Watch your tongue, child.
RAISTLIN: No. I suggest that the Master of the Black Robes considers her own words carefully. The penalty for murder within the Towers is death. I suggest you make your peace with the Black Moon quickly, and allow me to continue.
JUSTARIUS: Ladonna, you do not help your case.
ALASDAIR: Get on with it, boy!
RAISTLIN: At the same time, there were others who could be suspected, as well. The Master of Goodlund was Tested by Par-Salain, and he has often, since the demise of the former Master of the Conclave, brought forward motions to brand Par-Salain a renegade or Black Robe posthumously. His vitriolic relationship with the former Master is well known to us all.
LANTHINEL: Yes, yes. No one ever agrees with me. I certainly don't think he should...
JUSTARIUS: Master Lanthinel, the Council is, as Master Raistlin says, well aware of your feelings.
LADONNA: You were also Tested by Par-Salain, Raistlin. You are certainly not without hate for the man.
RAISTLIN: You are correct, Master Ladonna, and I scrutinized my possible role in his murder thoroughly. Indeed, that was my first act.
VARIOUS: (chuckling)
RAISTLIN: There was also the possibility that an outside agent infiltrated the Tower, but Par-Salain, as the Master of the Tower, would have been very easily aware of such an intrusion -- especially in his bedchambers. This suggested that the murderer was someone well known and familiar to him. The state of dress he was found in suggests that he had casually received a visitor, implying a degree of familiarity beyond even what he enjoyed with his good friend, Master Colkyr.
COLKYR: Par-Salain understood that as Master of the Conclave, he had to maintain a level of decorum appropriate to his station. He was, in many ways, the role-model for most of the rest of our Order.
RAISTLIN: Quite right. This led me to believe that perhaps the murderer was Ladonna, for -- given their previous carnal and intimate relations -- he might easily allow her into his chambers late at night, especially for an impromptu visit.
MONATH, KYSIN, YULIA: (at the same time) Are you suggesting that...
RAISTLIN: (shaking his head) No, I am not saying that Par-Salain received her with the intent of a "late-night rendevous," to put it politely in memory of the deceased. However, given their history, he would be much more disposed to meeting with Ladonna secretly and in a highly casual -- and vulnerable -- manner.
JUSTARIUS: (motioning to Ladonna to remain silent) The proof, Raistlin?
LADONNA: (under her breath) Lies.
RAISTLIN: Faced with this possibility, I turned what sorcerous means at my disposal I possed in order to discern if this had been the case. I consulted with Master Deandra of the Red Robes (he motions to Deandra), asking her to gather information on the comings and goings of Ladonna's apprentices for a period of several months before hand, and with Colkyr, in order to divine the matter for years previous. I am sure that most of us are well aware that Ladonna has not left the Tower of Wayreth since she became Master of the Black Robes, and this was why I chose to investigate her apprentices, for they were her hands in the lands beyond this forest.
JUSTARIUS: You affirm this, Masters Deandra and Colkyr?
JUSTARIUS: (to Raistlin) Proceed.
RAISTLIN: Over the course of the investigation, we discovered that Ladonna had often had her apprentices deal with officers in the Dragonarmies loyal to the Dark Queen, who often employ renegades under their protection, as well as members of my Order. Two of her apprentices, Ashera and Tomblis, had acquired an item from the renegade, off-world wizard serving as advisor to Kitiara, Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy, and they returned with it to Ladonna, presumably at her bidding.

Sources from within the flying citadel Kitiara is using as her headquarters noted that the item was a dark stone with blood-red strands in it, set on a cold iron chain as a necklace. Consulting the libraries of the Tower of Palanthus, as well as the Black Robe libraries here at Wayreth, I noted that the item, based upon its description, was similar to one of the Bloodstones used by the renegade Fistandantilus in order to perpetuate his life indefinitely.

This certainly aroused my interest, and I set about to investigate the matter more closely. Several weeks ago, I prepared the spell of time reaver

VARIOUS: (sounds of commotion and outrage)
MAGNUM: You dared to use that spell? (shouting)
RAISTLIN: It is my perogative to use that spell, as it falls within the purvew of the Masters of the Towers -- of which you are not -- as to the use of that spell. As I had been charged with the investigation of the murder of the MASTER OF THE CONCLAVE, I made the decision to be assured of the nature of the crime using the tools at my disposal -- especially since my primary suspect was the MASTER OF THE BLACK ROBES.
ANDREW: Master Raistlin speaks correctly in this regard. It is his responsibility, as the Master of the Tower of Palanthus, whether he uses the spell of time journeying. Nuitari accepts this.
ALYSA: As must Solinari, I must say.
IOS: I must ask, where is the Voice of Solinari? This would seem a grave enough matter to warrant her presence, as well.
LANTHINEL: That is one of the things I shall address in time before the Council.
JUSTARIUS: Rest assured that Master Lanthinel has apprised me of the situation involving Master Gwynnion. Please continue, Master Raistlin.
RAISTLIN: (nodding to Justarius) As I was saying, I prepared the spell of time reaver in order to gain first-hand knowledge of this item, accompanied by my apprentice Dalamar, Deandra, and Zoe Advanti, head of the Black Guardians. Once we had arrived in that time, I made a pretense to visit Kitiara in her citadel.
LADONNA: She is your sister, is she not?
RAISTLIN: My half-sister. I had not seen her since my Test. She fawned over me in the manner older sisters might, especially when their younger brother has something they want. However, if you doubt the veracity of my account, I am sure that the Black Guardian and Master Deandra would be glad to corroborate my account.
ZOE: I witnessed nothing untoward on his part in regards to the investigation, Masters.
DEANDRA: Yeah, seemed alright to me.
RAISTLIN: However, we were able to attain the item in question for a brief time, through a subterfuge I will not relate here -- though it was witnessed by those who accompanied me. Having no desire to tempt fate or to swim against the river of time, we examined it for a short time, verified that it was indeed one of the Bloodstones of Fistandantilus, and that it bore some shade of that renegade's spirit. We returned the stone without being detected and departed the citadel.
JUSTARIUS: Did you learn anything of the offworld renegade mage serving Kitiara?
RAISTLIN: I must apologize, Master Justarius, that we did not have much opportunity in this regard. Considering that we had traveled through time, we chose to minimize our contact with those from the past as well as possible. I had no desire to be replaced in the causal stream of things.
JUSTARIUS: (nodded)
RAISTLIN: I propelled us forward in time again, to the week in which the murder took place. During this time, the four of us spent varying amounts of time here in Wayreth, keeping a low profile in general. Meanwhile, we sought to determine more of what was going on.
ZOE: I had occasion to meet with Master Ladonna several times during that week -- although, she was perhaps a bit tired of me as I came and went, for I remembered several meetings originally with her. However, when I met with her while on this investigation, I had prepared several spells of divination to probe her as well as I could, looking for signs of the bloodstone or the spirit attached to it.

She seemed either unaware of the spirit, which was present and visible under arcane sight, or she chose to ignore it while in the presence of others.
ZOE: And, as far as I could tell, she carried the Bloodstone in the folds of her robes, at least in the presence of others.
LADONNA: (snorts contempuously)
ZOE: Additionally, Deandra skulked about the halls near Par-Salain's room on the night in question.
DEANDRA: I was hidden from sight and...other means of detection. (shakes her head) At about 3 hours after midnight, I spotted Ladonna coming down the hall, as she paused outside of Par-Salain's chambers. She approached, knocked softly on his door, and he opened and let her inside. Several minutes later, she opened the door and departed softly down the hall back to her own chambers.
LADONNA: But you witnessed no murder.
DEANDRA: No, but I did notice the invisible figure shadowing you, the same figure I had noticed about the Bloodstone while in the Citadel.
LADONNA: Bah. So I visited the Master of the Conclave discretely in the middle of the night. This proves nothing.
RAISTLIN: Once Deandra had reported what she had witnessed, I returned down the corridor with her and Zoe Advanti. Par-Salain's chambers were warded from divination and scrying, but not from necromantic spells that can discern the life force of those nearby. There was none within Par-Salain's chambers.

I do not know if Ladonna allied with the spirit of Fistandantilus in order to gain revenge on some slight from her youthful encounters with Par-Salain, or if she sought to depose Par-Salain in the hopes that she might become the next Master of the Conclave. It is also possible that she was beguiled and manipulated by the spirit of the renegade, but I would think that as the Master of the Black Robes, she would recognize such a danger and refrain from it. Indeed, I might have suspected she might have desired to use the Bloodstone to claim Par-Salain's power, spirit, and knowledge, but our examination of the body after the fact suggests that he enjoys whatever life is reserved for old White Robe wizards after death.

However, Ladonna still possesses the stone -- I would see no reason she would not keep it, having been secure to this point in her treachery.
LADONNA: This is all meaningless and contrived! You conspire with the Red Robes to depose me, Majere!
RAISTLIN: If nothing else, it would seem pertinent to determine if she has the stone upon her presently, at least. (he holds up a hand dismissing a forthcoming rejection from Ladonna) Considering the nature of the crime and its severity, I would recommend that you...(at this point he sneers or smiles) empty your pockets.
LADONNA: I cannot believe you are going to allow this joke to continue any further, Justarius!
JUSTARIUS: Ladonna, prove his accusations wrong. What are in your pockets?
LADONNA: Bah! (she begins pulling things out of her robes) Scrolls, potions, components, the usual trifles of an arch...(at this point, she pauses, as she feels something in her pocket; she pulls out the stone described by Raistlin)'s a trick! He's teleported it into my pocket!
LANTHINEL: He certainly hasn't. I've noted no sorcery here, other than in that stone.
MAGNUM: I quite agree! No spells have been cast, betrayer!
JUSTARIUS: No magic has been used, Ladonna, to place that in your pocket. You claim you are unaware of it?
LADONNA: I have never seen it before!
JUSTARIUS: (casts a spell of seeing; his expression shifts, as if he has seen something disquieting) And a dark spirit is attached to the stone. Have you been ensorcelled, Ladonna?
LADONNA: Lies! (she rises abrubtly to her feet; all the Masters present shift and rise, as well; many of the White Robes prepare countermagic)
RAISTLIN: These scrolls are signed testements from those involved in the investigation, affirming the veracity of my statements. Tell us, Ladonna, why did you not mention you had visited Par-Salain the night he died before?
LADONNA: (she gives Raistlin a look of venomous hate) You!
JUSTARIUS: Answer the question, Ladonna.
LADONNA: It was a private meeting between two Masters of the Orders! I answer to none of you.
JUSTARIUS: Except for the Master of the Conclave, and Nuitari.
RAISTLIN: Do you not remember murdering Ladonna? Perhaps your advanced years has allowed the renegade to manipulate you?
ANDREW: There is an easy answer to your quandary, Ladonna. If you did not murder Par-Salain, swear it is so by Nuitari's name.
LADONNA: I...(she gazes down at the bloodstone)...I...
ZOE: Master Justarius, I must recommend that Master Ladonna be removed and placed under arrest at the least.
LADONNA: (curses and throws the bloodstone at Raistlin, who catches it) I will have my revenge upon you!
JUSTARIUS: Guardians, escort Ladonna from these chambers. Ladonna, if you do not surrender yourself, we will be forced to destroy you.
ANDREW: Such is the law of the Conclave. You do not swear by Nuitari, therefore Nuitari turns away from you.
LADONNA: (looks at Andrew) No! I serve Nuitari! Faithfully! For 60 years I have...
LADONNA: I will hound you even from death, Raistlin Majere!
RAISTLIN: Please feel free to visit the Shoikan Grove, Ladonna. (turns to the council at large and the Black Robes present) I would move that Ladonna, for having violated the laws of the Conclave, be removed as Master of the Black Robes.
ANDREW: Such is our law. The Voice of Nuitari assents.
JUSTARIUS: Would you be the next Master, Raistlin?
RAISTLIN: I have no desire to sit here and have to deal with such displays as this (gestures at Ladonna) on a daily basis. I am content to remain in Palanthus. I do not plan to pursue the position within the foreseeable future.
ETHAN: (to Ladonna) Come along.
LADONNA: I am the Master of the Black Robes! I am Ladonna! You will unhand me you...
JUSTARIUS: At this point, I think a recess is recommended. We shall resume in two hours with Master Lanthinel's report. Let it be known that the position of Master of the Black Robes is open, to be filled in the traditions of that Order.


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